Study And Work in UK: UK universities allows International Students to work for 20 hours

After a series of new developments related to visa and immigration rules in United Kingdom, now it seems Britain finally allowing the International students to do work for up to 20 hours a week while doing their graduation and post graduation in the UK.
The United Kingdom allows International students to work for 20 hours in their regular term course and full-time during the holidays.
A few days before The UK brought new rules regarding immigration students pursuing their studies in The UK. In order to control the immigrants to get work visas, it withdrew the option for students to work while they study in Britain for the non-European students.
It was considered by the UK government to apply this new visa rule from August onwards. Amending them a bit, UK immigration officials decided to restrain those students pursuing vocational studies so just to work.
As per the new rules, those students wanted to continue or repeat their studies in the UK should show their academic progression to pursue further.
However, new students coming to the UK will be prevented to work if they are studying at public funded colleges. The new rules necessitate a student to study a new course at the same level provided there must be a link to their previous study course with university confirmation and validation for the student to study further.

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